About Us

The museum called”LADAKH ROCKS AND MINERALS PRESERVATION STUDY AND MUSEUM” is established in March, 2014 under the TRUST registration no 616/273.

About Us

The museum called”LADAKH ROCKS AND MINERALS PRESERVATION STUDY AND MUSEUM” is established in March, 2014 under the TRUST registration no 616/273. I Phunchok Angchok (Togo) am the founder and collector of this museum and collected about more than 300 kinds of rocks minerals and fossils after touring all Himalayan mountains of Ladakh since more than 25 years ago. My aim and objective is to preserve the treasure of Himalayan(Ladakh) and displayed to educate about rocks, minerals, meteorites and fossils to the students, researchers, Geologists, Gemologist, Mineralogists and tourists.

The Ladakh is a land of rareness with its significant unique peculiar topography standing the mountain range of Himalaya and Karakoram. Geologically the Ladakh region from north to south can be divided into five tectonic belts i.e Karakoram belt, Shayok belt, Ladakh granite belt, Indian belt and Suru crystallian belt. These belts represent a unique assemblage of rocks type from Pre-cambrian toTertiary age.
The most significant feature of the belt is the presence of melange zone occurs along the plate boundary of Asian and Indian plates. Hence the veins in this area may filled with valuable minerals and fossils in abundance to depth that barren colourful ranges of the mountains of Ladakh.
It is of course matter of great great significance and important not only for the people of Ladakh as a whole but same is a matter of great attraction and interest for the students, community, youth and tourists to make them fell that Ladakh is so enrich in the rocks, minerals, fossils and traditional cultural as treasure of such items.
So like all the other places of attraction in Ladakh, the museum too is another feather in the cap of the pride of Ladakh one should not miss the opportunity to pay visit to the museum to have glimpses of rare species (precious stones and semi precious stones) fossils and also Ladakh antiques things.

Phunchok Angchok (Togo)
Founder and collector
Ladakh Rocks and Minerals Museum
And Ladakh antiques museum.


What People Say

True stories never hides and it will celebrate by humanity for the life long educational purposes.

Very informative & marvelous achievement by one man. what happened is visited this place by chance, and i must agree that it was worth visiting. it has a wonderful collection of stones, rocks and minerals all done by one man alone! without any support from government. he was sweet enough to explain everything in details and left us baffled about things which we did not know. with NO educational background of GEOLOGY the sheer enthusiasm and interest tha has led him to such a beautiful persona and place is awesome. a must visit!.
Date of experience. July 2021.
It is only one GEM of collection of minerals and crystals in mountain of Ladakh by someone who is solopreneur since 30 years in gone in search of his true happiness, finally it seems he found it with his efforts and passion.
Forget about degree, meet this personality your mind will blown with his information and wisdom.
Preeti jain
Explored in 2019 august
I heard about Ladakh rocks and minerals museum from my friend Alexender, I'm crystals and mountain Passionist. After i met Angchuk i wondered with his true exploration and discoveries since 30 years, he had not been following his passion but he is a great visionary for the minerals, crystals and mountains of ladakh.Thankful for your downloads.
Nathalie Moore
Visited in 2018 june
This is only a museum in Ladakh which had been impacting and helping in institutional and educational purposes. Uncle Togo Angchuk visited our school and taught us the practical aspects of rocks and minerals found in ladakh and went on finding the rocks and crystals and many more interesting he shared.
Tenzin Namgial
Explored in 2018 august